“It was so much more than I had anticipated. Your knowledge, expertise and love of this amazing FLW house were so evident…This is one of the very best tours I’ve ever been on!”

– Alice, group organizer

“The Willey House is always at the top of the list when attendees of my tours reflect on what they liked in a tour. They are thrilled not only by the beauty and functionality of the house’s design but also by the quality of the restoration. And it is a big plus to have the knowledgeable and gracious owners of the house on hand to explain details of the history and restoration.”

–  Richard L. Kronick, Architectural Historian

The Willey House Tours are very high quality, even elegant. The hosts are knowledgeable about FLW in general and this house in particular. There is a true hospitality to the experience. The tour always gets rave reviews from the architects that I bring.”

–  Ron Contario LEED AP, A.W. Hastings & Co

“The owners were fantastic tour guides, giving context to the history of the home's original owners, the design details, and the process of restoration…I highly recommend getting some friends together and contacting the homeowners via The Willey House website to arrange a tour.”

–  Jennie, visitoR